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Use your window covering and save energy!

Turn down the  thermostat setting, avoid showering too long and wash your clothing at a lower temperature. All of these are excellent ways of saving energy. But did you know that closing your window covering is a valuable addition to this list? 


In any home, the windows are responsible for bringing in light, ventilation and, unfortunately, for heat loss. By covering your windows with tailor-made shutters, the level of heat loss can be reduced. Especially with single glazed windows, shutters can make a valuable contribution to a lower energy bill. 

To close is to save

Make optimum use of your window covering by allowing the sun to shine in during the daytime, where it can warm up the house, and then closing the shutter louvers on cold dark days, in the evening and at night. As a result, the heat will be kept inside, your central heating can be switched down a notch, and you create a homely atmosphere. Light the candles, and let the film roll!


Shutters are not only useful for keeping heat inside, but can also have a reverse effect. Keep the louvers closed in the summer when the sun is shining on your windows. This will help keep your interior cool without using air conditioning, and the window covering takes on a new role: that of a sunblind. Shutters are not the only window decorations suitable as sunblinds; folding curtains and blinds from JASNO also keep out the sun and help keep your house much cooler, in the summer. 


Time to save energy? Visit the nearest JASNO dealer for bespoke advice on window decoration.


Use your shutters and save energy!