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Stay or go?

To sell your house or renovate? This is an often-discussed subject around the kitchen table. And it is no easy decision. Quite apart from the financial aspects, it is a complex issue. Think about the time it will take, and its consequences for children and the schools they attend. 

First shutters, then the new kitchen

He likes modern industrial. Cast floors, steel doors and high gloss finish. Her preference is for chandeliers and bric-a-brac markets in France. They decided to renovate, but are still not finished. They have installed JASNO shutters ‘all over the place’. In the fantastic bathroom they opted for shutters with vertical operating rod on the tilt and turn window. The result in this contemporary bathroom reflects her taste. In the kitchen, they opted for shutters without the operating rod; in other words ‘concealed operation’. These shutters are simply opened by hand. The shutter without the operating rod has a cleaner look, that matches his taste more clearly. And as for the kitchen itself? For the time being it is ‘traditional bric-a-brac’, but the big decision has been made: they will soon have a new kitchen. Super clean lines, hence the modern choice of shutters. 

More inspiration for your renovation?

Interior design magazines often feature renovation reports with before and after photographs. In the German magazine Stilvoll Wohnen, check out Mark and Chantal’s story with photographs. They opted to build their own dream home. And what a dream it is. You don’t even need to be able to understand German; the photographs alone are enough …

To sell your house or renovate?