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Shutters on tilt and turn windows

With shutters you can go in any direction you want. Quite literally. Take for example tilt and turn windows

Whereas with (roller) curtains opening the window can damage the fabric, JASNO has come up with a smart solution for its shutters. 

All good things come in threes 
At JASNO’s head office, shutters in all their guises are hung throughout the building, giving me the perfect opportunity to take a closer look. It’s really very simple. There are three ways of fitting shutters on a tilt and turn window:

  • Attached to the frame itself, with the original window handle being replaced by an extra long pin. The shutter then simply tilts and turns with the original window frame.
  • Mounted in front of the frame, with the original window handle replaced by a flatter model. To open the tilt and turn window, simply first open the shutter and then the window.
  • Fitted further from the window frame than normal (as long as there is enough space) so the window  can be placed in the tilt position, while the shutter remains closed. 

We at JASNO tilt and turn every which way, to keep you happy! ;-) 

Greetings from Cynthia

Freelance text writer and blogger for JASNO and others

* Did you know that shutters can even be used in the bathroom? And on a tilt and turn bathroom window! 




Shutters on tilt and turn windows