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Shutters in every conceivable shape

We at JASNO love a challenge, and nothing beats supplying a window covering for unusually shaped windows. Not the boring standard, straight, rectangle; no, call us in for your round, triangular, octagonal or arched windows. 

Fits like a glove 
Windows in unusual shapes are better finished with shutters. There, I’ve said it. And because all shutters are made to measure, including those for unusually shaped windows, they all fit like a glove. By using shutters, you also emphasise the characteristic shape of the windows, sometimes otherwise lost with curtains and other window coverings. 

Washing the windows 
Depending on the actual window itself, the shutters can be placed either on the outer frame or on the actual window frame. By fitting hinges, you can open the shutters for example to clean the windows. Alternatively, the shutter panel can be clicked onto the window frame, for easy one-click removal.

To my embarrassment, I must admit that I myself have an arched window that I have covered with curtains (!). In a way, that makes me the perfect person to recognise what an injustice my choice does to the special shape of the window. Perhaps food for thought … 


Greetings from Cynthia 

Freelance text writer and blogger for JASNO and others




Shutters in every conceivable shape