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Shutters, even in the bathroom

For me, nothing beats shutters in the bathroom. Perhaps it is simply a question of taste, or more what the look does to me. Shutters in the bathroom deliver a refreshing effect, a beautiful incidence of light, and add a degree of warmth. And it seems to me that is everything you need in a bathroom. Still, there is one thing that made me hesitate. What about moisture?

I recently visited a JASNO dealer and was happily told that JASNO shutters are moisture resistant. The wood is finished with a special coating, and the mechanism is rust proof. Of course, the idea is not for you to wipe the shutters down with a soaking wet cloth; but condensation and the occasional splash of water are nothing to worry about. 

Dreams can come true
I am planning to move home soon, and a visit to the JASNO dealer has confirmed me in my choice of bathroom window covering. Check. White wall tiles, freestanding anthracite bath, pale grey mosaic floor, white shutters ……. Sigh (of contentment) ….. 

Greetings from Cynthia 

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Shutters in the bathroom