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Mint green shutters or grey blinds? What colour window decoration would you choose?


A lick of paint, new cushions or new chairs; over the years, you regularly change the interior of your house. Window decorations, on the other hand are something to be enjoyed for years. We recommend you select a colour with which you will be happy for many years to come. No more dark brown corduroy curtains with bright orange flowers like in the nineteen seventies; instead timeless classics for the windows. 


Can’t see the wood for the trees? To help you choose the right colour, we have already made a number of choices for you. For our shutters, blinds, folds and swings, we have created a special colour collection, based on bestsellers, interior trends and a healthy dose of common sense. For example, we are unlikely to add bright orange as a base colour. But never say never. Many trends have made a successful comeback! 

Sparkling white blinds
Sparkling white shutters

Sparkling white shutters and blinds

White; a refreshing and timeless shade. Not without reason it is the most commonly chosen shutter colour. White brings light and peace to your home. From classic via modern through to Scandinavian, white in the window matches any interior. White window decorations also offer numerous advantages. When closed, white keeps the sun’s hot rays out. If the louvers are open then white means that even more light shines into the room. An ideal solution for a house with few or small windows. Our wooden blinds are also available in exactly the same white shades. Shutters and blinds can be perfectly combined in a single home; or even in a single room. 

Atmospheric black blinds and shutters
Atmospheric black swings

Atmospheric black

Black is another essential colour in our colour collections. Express the character of a special window shape using shutters, or emphasise an attractive, large picture window by decorating it with dark-coloured blinds. Remember, however, that black window decorations will reduce the amount of incidental light. 

In a bedroom, black shutters and wooden blinds ensure a good night’s rest. In the living room, black gives the interior a tough look while in the office the atmosphere is made more appealing.

Folds in natural tones
Swings in natural tones

Natural tones

Match the colour of the window decoration to your furniture, window frames or accessories. Natural tones are practically timeless. They can also easily be combined with other colours. The colour collection for our folds and swings, as well as for our blinds and shutters, has been deliberately selected for just that purpose. 


Silver shutters
Gold shutters

Still more possibilities

If your colour is not in our collection, or if you are looking for a more specific colour; for example if you want (and are brave enough) to fit orange shutters in your window … Alongside the permanent collections, shutters are also available in every RAL and NCS colour. Silver, green or gold; anything is possible.


Mint green shutters