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Holiday feeling with shutters

The summer holidays are just around the corner. A time for enjoying a day at the beach, visiting a beautiful new city or enjoying a delicious meal at a restaurant. What gives you that true holiday feeling?

In many of our summer holiday destinations, louver doors are an integral part of the local atmosphere. Shutters are very similar in appearance and so help conjure up that pleasant holiday feeling. Do you not yet have shutters in your home? There are plenty of other places where you can enjoy the atmosphere created by shutters, during your summer holidays.

Holiday feeling with shutters Beachclub 8
Holiday feeling with shutters Lloyd hotel Amsterdam

Shutters on the beach 

A popular holiday destination is the seaside. Tanning in the sun, swimming in the sea and at last finding the time to read that novel or autobiography. Even if the sun is not always in attendance, the beach is ready to welcome you. Blow away the cobwebs during a seaside stroll, or drink a cocktail in a beachside pavilion.

Beachside pavilions immerse you totally in the holiday atmosphere. Are you intrigued how shutters can boost that beach feeling? Why not visit Beachclub 8 (formerly Beachclub VERSO) at Rockanje beach or Strandrestaurant de Waterreus in Scheveningen. In the US, they have even named a hotel after the product; Shutters on the Beach.

Holiday feeling with shutters Beachclub 8
Holiday feeling with shutters Strandrestaurant de Waterreus

Shutters in the night time 

You often only truly find peace when you get away to somewhere entirely new. Spending a night at a hotel or B&B in a city of your choice is certainly to be recommended. A bedroom with shutters will further enhance that holiday feeling. Experience the fabulous way the light enters the room between shutter louvers. 

Shutters suit many interior styles and are therefore to be found in many different places. What about B&B La Suite in Bruges (BE), Hotel Dux in Roermond, the Cityhub or the Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam or the Van der Valk hotel in Leiden?

Holiday feeling with shutters B&B La Suite
Holiday feeling with shutters Lloyd hotel Amsterdam

Shutters are everywhere 

On the holiday you have time to relax and enjoy yourself. Why not visit a casino and perhaps win the jackpot! Or enjoy a tasty meal at a good restaurant. A whole range of hospitality outlets make use of the many possibilities offered by shutters. Shutters are the perfect way to create privacy and regulate the volume of daylight. 

Are you looking for inspiration during an evening out? Then visit the Casino in Lyon, restaurant Rodez Sieben in Bamberg or restaurant Wiesen in Eindhoven.

Do you want to enjoy that holiday feeling created by shutters throughout the year? Visit a dealer near you or request a brochure.

Holiday feeling with shutters restaurant Rodez Sieben
Holiday feeling with shutters Casino Lyon
Holiday feeling with shutters restaurant Wiesen
Holiday feeling with shutters B&B la Suite