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Cleaning your Folds = a piece of cake

A quick rinse in the washing machine is clearly not an option, so how do you keep your JASNO Folds clean? This is a question frequently asked to our dealers, but look no further for the answer. 

Child’s play 
For the most part, Folds are produced from woven paper, which can be easily cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner on a fabric setting. The wooden strips can best be  cleaned with a duster or slightly damp cloth. Remember not to use any cleaning agents, since they could damage the paint and the paper.

All done
It sounds easy, so why not give it a try? You will soon find out it works. Remember to repeat the process regularly, so dust and dirt do not build up and become hard to remove; for example in a kitchen environment. It looks better that way anyway. Not the staining; the freshly cleaned Folds of course. 

Greetings from Cynthia 

Freelance text writer and blogger for JASNO and others


* Have you ever thought of combining Folds and Swings? 


Folds cleaning