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Burglary prevention: an additional advantage of window decoration

Sadly, there has been no mass exodus of burglars onto the Spanish Costas. You can never 100% prevent burglaries in your home, but you can do a great deal to reduce the risk. For example, while you are away, ask your neighbours to lower your window decorations in the evening, and raise them again, the next morning. Of course, keep your windows locked and set a timer to switch on lights in the evening. Not just downstairs but upstairs, too. 

And should someone take a nosy look into your home, it can help to leave an inhabited impression. A mug on the table, with an open newspaper; or a few toys left lying around. 

Do shutters help in burglary prevention?

One frequently asked question is whether our shutters frighten off burglars. You can open your shutters; both the shutter itself (it either hinges, slides or folds open or closed) and the adjustable louvers within the frame. The presence of shutters sometimes dissuades burglars but although our wooden shutters and ABS shutters are strong, they will not stop a determined burglar. If you tilt the louvers in the shutters downwards, plenty of light will still enter the room, but no one can see inside. Here you find more burglary prevention tips.  

shutters burglary prevention
shutters burglary prevention

Safe window decoration

People also often ask whether our window coverings are safe for children. Children can for example become entangled in the loop of draw cords and the operating chain of window decorations. 

Specifically for the JASNO folds (folding curtains) and JASNO swings (vertical louver blinds), we commissioned the development of a child-safe hanger. This patented hanger system is attached to the operating chain. It cuts through the chain when pressure is applied to the loop, thereby preventing the risk of strangulation.  

The standard protection is that chains and cords are attached to the wall or frame with a cord tie-back or tensioner. In many cases, consumers prefer not to attach the cord in this way, for fear of damaging the frame or wall, or because it is an unattractive solution. We have therefore developed a free-hanging system that is both child-safe and pleasing to the eye. The child-safe hanger even received a GIO design award. 

The JASNO blinds are also child-safe: they are fitted with special cord spreaders so that children’s heads cannot become entangled in the cord. The cords are also hung at a height beyond the reach of children (legal standards). Shutters are a child-safe option anyway, since they have no cords and there is no risk of children trapping their hands, painfully, between them.

JASNO folds
child safety
JASNO swings




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