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Black shutters

Shutters are a valuable addition to any interior. But in what colour? White, black or perhaps green? 

JASNO offers a collection with a range of different paint and stain colours, in addition to which practically any RAL or NCS colour can be supplied. A common choice is one of the white tones. The result is a light and peaceful look in your interior design. For 2016, black looks like being the new trend.

Shutters bring atmosphere

JASNO offers a range of black tones in its  collection. Black shutters draw the eye to the window area, so windows become not only functional but also create a real atmosphere. In combination with a pale-coloured wall, black shutters stand out even more. By reflecting the wood structure of the shutters in your furniture, the windows truly become one with the interior. 

A solution for every room

Express the character of special window shapes or emphasise an attractive large window area by fitting shutters. In the bedroom, black shutters guarantee a good night’s sleep thanks to their excellent black-out property; in the living room, your interior takes on a tough touch while in the office, black shutters create an image of clean lines and tidy space. 

The adjustable louvers also make it easy for you to vary the amount of light entering the room. Keep the louvers closed for a cosy atmosphere, or create a more spacious effect by allowing the light to enter. Rays of sunlight shining between dark louvers deliver an almost magical effect!

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Black shutters in the dining room