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A JASNO window decoration product for every window!

When you hear the name JASNO you probably immediately think shutters. However, a JASNO point of sale is the perfect location for a range of other window decoration products! Folding curtains, vertical blinds and blinds make up the full JASNO brand range.

Made to measure 

JASNO supplies exclusively made-to-measure window decorations. These products can be produced precisely to your requirements, and fitted to meet your wishes. In other words, for every window in every style there is a suitable product from JASNO. What about: shutters on roof windows, blinds in kitchen windows, folds in the living room and swings in front of the garden doors

Combine at will

Window decorations with a unique twist. This is perhaps the best possible description for the product range from JASNO. Because JASNO combines style in all its products, the whole range of window decorations can be combined with one another. The shutters and blinds are produced from the same material and are available in the same colours. This fact makes the products a perfect combination in single room. The unique JASNO look of every window decoration product means that other product combinations are always on the cards. 

Interested in which JASNO product best matches your windows? Ask one of our dealers for advice.


JASNO shutters, blinds, vertical louver blinds, folding curtains