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JASNO swings at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2015

At the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (The Netherlands), JASNO will be presenting its new product JASNO swings: vertical louver blinds, but with a twist. You can visit the JASNO booth at the Klokgebouw, Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

Atmosphere-enhancing, practical and contemporary: louver blinds as an interior design element … once again on trend in 2015. JASNO, the company renowned for its shutters, has expanded the collection to include vertical louver blinds, developed jointly with GBO Helmond. The unique element of these so-called Swings is that they can be placed in a variety of surprising 3D settings, alternating, (almost) closed and anywhere in between. Adjusted levels of sunlight and privacy in your home or office are available at a simple turn of the hand. 


About Dutch Design Week

For 9 whole days, DDW boasts 100 locations in Eindhoven, presenting the processes, experiments and ideas, answers and solutions thought up by 2400 designers. Come and be amazed, surprised or astonished. Ask yourself new questions, draw inspiration for your own answers and allow the power of design to convince you.

JASNO swings: vertical louver blinds will be presented at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven